These pages are the official homepages for the c64 demo-groups Bonzai, Starion and The Black Lords. These groups were more or less one and the same thing, ie. consisted of a lot of the same members. You will find our releases on the other pages.

Click on screenshot go to a Java conversion of the c64 demo 3rd Dimension by Dize and THA.

Spermbird by Dize

You got, you got, you got what I need... 

Due to lost or mislaid disks, we haven't got all of the TBL, Bonzai and Starion demos and cracks. If you have some of the files that we miss, ie. demos or cracks not available on these pages, please notify the maintainer of these pages, The Human Autofire

If you have some corrections to anything in these pages, please let me know as well.

If you are an old member of Bonzai that we've lost contact with (e.g. Trap, Metal, Fox, Kwon, Tecon, Dodge de Man, Enjoy, R.C.S, Sonny, Trix or Zonix) or know how to contacts any of these dudes, then please mail THA!

Credit where credit is due... 

These pages are the work of The Human Autofire and Ricky of Bonzai, the last true believers of the Bonzism cult ... and because we've got nothing better to do. The COOL graphics are mainly done by Dize! And Scortia is going to make a cool General Midi conversion of one of his hittunes... and monkeys might fly out of my butt...

Selfportrait by Dize

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13th December 98 - new MP3 from Scortia on Music page.

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13th September 98 - Added picture of Janec.

19th August 98 - Added more Lethal News issues by courtesy of Walker / F4CG. New photo of Dize on Dudes-page!

17th August 98 - Added the mag-section with Lethal News, and updated lots of pages. Breaking news: Bonzai is working on a new c64 demo!

18th April 98 - Put the c64 logos on the Gallery-page. Added link to the Relax Magazine Online and Alphaflight 1970.

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