This is a more or less complete list of the dudes who at some time were a member of one of the groups, TBL, Bonzai and/or Starion. A lot of these rats were members of all the three groups and they even went on to the Amiga where they became members of Silents/DK. Others continued in the Bonzai PC-fraction.

Where available, the red handles links to personal homepages.

Regarding the pictures... We actually haven't made an effort to find the worst photos - that's just the way we look.

- cracker and coder - was a member all the way through from TBL to Starion and further on to Silents on the Amiga. He started out as a fonts-graphician (!) but soon started cracking. Besides loads of crack-intros, he only coded one c64-demopart, which is the BOB-plotter in Oksen. Later he went to coding the Amiga and ended up being an extremely cool coder in Silents/DK. Before it went bankrupt, he was a Sega-Saturn gamedeveloper for the gamesfirm Scavenger. These days (summer 1998) he is living in Manchester/England where he has founded his own softwarefirm, Bankrupt Ltd., with some pals (and a dear palsine). He is working on the PlayStation-version of a coming title. (Michael "Mille" Jacobsen)
- the videoswapper - ... (Jes Vistisen)
- graphician - also known as Tecon, was our middleman to the local mafia. If you needed anything and didn't want to pay anywhere the the shop-price or if you had someone getting at you - then Peter had some scary friends who would take care of such problems... Anyway, he definately knew how to set his pixels! (Peter ...)
- de Designer - was hot all the way from TBL, Bonzai, through Starion and Silents. Palles cool graphics were the very essence of Bonzai and all the other groups. Whether the code was done by Crush, T.H.A, Ricky, Walt or Kwon or whether the platform was c64 or Amiga, the graphics was almost always by Dize! With a friend he has now got his own firm designing 3D-graphics. (Palle "Nalle" Olsen)
- coder - and a cool member of The Black Lords. He studied Physics and Computer Science at the University of Aalborg (Jens Lohmann)
- the most active musician in our solarsystem - was a member of Bonzai along with his work in JCH's Vibrants. Today he is still producing music but now as a member of Maniacs of Noise, along with Laxity and Jeroen Tell. He was around 14 years old when a member of Bonzai - and thus the youngest of the dudes. But also one of the most famous. (Thomas Mogensen)
- the cracker - ... (Lars?)
- the pixelwizard and a generally mad kid - left Upfront to join the Bonzai team in 19??. (Martin ?)
- the graphician - joined Bonzai together with Ricky. Later Hawk (then Knox) and Ricky started the demogroup Conic on the 64, where Knox/Hawk produced some pretty cool pixels. Today he is studying Math and Physics in Aarhus with Ricky and THA. (Ivan Eriksen)
- the spreader - was exploited beyond belief by all the Bonzai members. He was the Bonzai-slave - poor dude! These days he is working as a gut scraper in Esbjerg / Denmark. (Kim ?)
- the coder and pixelizer - former member of Flash Inc. whom he left to join Bonzai after having met the crew at the Daniax party in Middelfart, summer of 1990. Kwon could boast of a 286 with a custom 5 1/4 slot build-in toaster (ie. for bread) - but he forgot that these things tend to get slightly HOT! Bye, bye, 286... All groups had coders, graphicians, musicians and swappers but Kwon was our obligatory in-house kung-fu expert - pretty handy! (Mehtin Aydin)
- the musician - was a member of Starion, along with his work in Maniacs of Noise. (Thomas Egeskov Petersen)
- musician - is also a member of Vibrants but still a part of what defines true Bonzism. He made some cool music for Bonzai, especially the demos Bonzieed with the wild "Acid"-music and Crackling'n'Cocio with the Telefax-piece springs to mind. Latest is that he has become a father. See his interview at In Medias Res or check out the Past & Present (1997) musicdemo on our musicpage. (Torben Hansen)
- the spreader - (!!?)
- coder - met the guys (Crush, Walt and Fox) at the Daniax party in Middelfart in the summer 1990, and he joined Bonzai in fall 1990. He went on to Starion and later he formed Conic with Hawk. He was the last to stop coding on the c64 - or has he really stopped yet? Together with Crush and Dize he went on to Silents/DK doing Amiga code. Today he is studying Physics and Mathematics at the University of Aarhus, Denmark together with T.H.A. and Hawk. (Henrik "Hekke" Jørgensen)
- the musician - was a member of X-factor at the Middelfart party in 1990, but he joined Bonzai in the fall 1990. He went on to Starion (both Amiga and c64) with Crush, Ricky and Dize. Together with Crush he gave new meaning to the phrase, living life to the edge. Today he is still composing music - and he still prefers the SID above all his expensive (ha!) MIDI-equipment considering his efforts trying to make his synthesizers sound like a c64... (Thomas "Tolle" Bendt)
- swapper, editor and co-founder - of Bonzai with Trap. Sonny was the editor of our disk magazine, Lethal News. (Flemming Christensen)
- coder - founded The Black Lords with Dize. T.H.A. is short for The Human Autofire. Went on to Bonzai with the Biersted dudes: Dize and Crush. He was the first to completely leave the c64 for the Amiga in 1990. He was also the FIRST in Bonzai to grow a goatie - beware of lame imitations. He never went on to Starion or Silents on the Amiga as he stopped demoprogramming almost totally in 1992. Besides maintaining these pages he is today studying Math and Danish Literature at the university in Aarhus, Denmark. (Jesper "Oksen" Christensen)
- founder, leader, coder and womanizer - was the Bonzai-man no. one. With HQ in Løjt Kirkeby he founded the group in 1988 with Sonny, and went on through to the PC section of Bonzai producing both music and code. Trap was the one with all the contacts to the scene. Today he is studying (or has graduated) Computer Science and English Lit. at the University of Copenhagen. Picture: Striking the pose at The Party One. (Jesper Larsen)
- the spreader - ... (Jan ...)
- coder and mr. Converter - was the first out-of-Biersted (!) member of The Black Lords... He also went on to Bonzai where he was one of the maincoders producing a demopart virtually every day besides loads of useful graphics-utilities. Later he was a part of the PC-fraction of Bonzai, who released one demo, Lethal Display V... Today he is still living in Auning where he mainly spends his time managing his 108,000 (per 15-7-98) pictures porno collection. (Anders F(j)ogh Rasmussen)
- the musician - goofy picture taken at The Party One. (Anders Øland)

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