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Dize looking quite happy, Drax walking out and Kwon concentrating - probably 'toasting' his 286 @ TP1. Unknown laughing dude. (114kb)

Dize kindly sharing some of his nutricious breakfast with Kwon @ TP1. (122kb)

Dize and THA caught just after a long and exhausting fu.. @ TP1. (109kb)

Two little lovebirds - Steve and Kwon flirting @ TP1. (109kb)

Scortia and Zonix being affectionate while Ricky looks a bit jealoux.. THA is trying to get in shape by having a burp of "Faxe Kondi"... TP1. (101kb)

Trap looking slightly unusual @ TP1. (134kb)

Walt in his right element @ TP1. (119kb)


Fox looking really sexy @ Samsų. (69kb)

Crush showing where it's at @ Samsų. (106kb)

Dize showing his affection to Walt behind the camera @ Samsų. (52k)

Crush - dancing with oxes @ Samsų. (80kb)

Dize, Devilstar, Crush and Scortia @ Samsų. (42kb)


Dize, Crush, Ricky and Scortia completely in control @ TP4. Posing for the danish newspaper Ekstra-Bladet. (116kb)

Scortia @ Brabrand HQ looking like someone on parole. (112kb)

Scortia @ Brabrand HQ boasting his 100kg belly. (120kb)

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