Lethal News

Like all decent groups, we had our own magazine, Lethal News. This page will function as a timelime of Bonzai history. Thanks to Walker / F4CG for forwarding most of these issues to us.

The first issue of Lethal News was released as a Success magazine by Trap and Sonny then members of Success. Features an interview of Fox then a member of Upfront. Code by Trap, graphics by DJ/TRC and Fox/Upfront, music Reyn Ouwehand / Scoop.
Edited by Trap and Sonny, now a Bonzai magazine. Features interviews of JCH/Vibrants and Karate Kid / Dominators. Same layout as issue #1.
1990. Edited by Trap and Sonny, sub-editor is Karate Kid / Dominators. Interviews of Barry / Dominators, Rocha / Contex and Action Jackson / The Ruling Company. New outfit coded by Trap, graphics by Fox and music by Laxity / Maniacs of Noise.
1990. Edited by Trap ad Sonny. Interview of Laxity of Maniacs of Noise. Same layout as issue #3.
Missing. If you have this issue please mail it to us.
December 1990. Main feature is a interview of Tim Follin by Kwon. Issue done by Trap (code), Kwon (graphics), Drax (music).
1991. Features interviews of Steve and Spiderman of X-factor done by Zenox and Savage of Amnesia and Starion. Editor was Tecon, code by Walt, graphics by Delight Design and music by Zonix.
May 1991. Edited by Tecon. No interview. Same outfit as Lethal News # 7.

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