Download most of the c64-music composed by the four musicians who through the years were on and off the Bonzai and Starion trains. These ZIPs contain SID-files to be played on the PC with the brilliant SIDplay by Michael Schwendt and Adam Lorentzon. But don't forget what is still the best SID player: the c64!



(280kb) Also check out the "Past & Present" (226kb) musicdemo - a 1997 coop between Vibrants and Onslaught, with all of Metals music and a pretty cool interview of Metal by Jazzcat/Onslaught.

(79kb) As an example of what Scortia is up to these days you can have a listen to Symphonic (MP3, 1.54MB)


Find all the other great SID music, both old and new, in the High Voltage SID Collection.

The music page was last updated on 13-12-98