Links to groups

The Fairlight Homepage

The Reflex Homepage

The Science 451 Homepage 

Success and The Ruling Company (SCS*TRC) maintains "The Digital Dungeon" and "Spankers Heaven"

Maniacs of Noise

Home of the legendary M.O.N. - maintained by Jeroen Tell.

The Triangle Homepage

A cool home for Censor Design

Dual Crew Shining

Sharks homepage

Triad homepage - with archives of Jeff Smarts legendary Illegal-magazine


Contains interviews with a lot of the legends of the c64 and Amiga.

The Noice Homepage

Cosine has a really cool c64 homepage.

The 6581 Homepage contains all possible information about the SID chip.

International Network of Chaos - with the huge HV SID Collection maintained by Shark/INC.

HeatWave Music Website - with some mod-conversions of classic 64-tunes.

Homepage with COOL interviews with Rob Hubbard and Martin Galway

The Ancient Temple - "The TAT Site of the Classic 8-Bit Spirit"

Relax Magazine Online - great site and great c64magazine maintained by Sveinung Bergkvist and Timo Buschmann.

Homepage for Alphaflight 1970.

Vibrants - official website

Sidchip Scratchers

Music label of The Force - Guy Shavitt and Dr.j

Various links

Bacchus of Fairlight maintains a great c64-tools page where you'll find everything from emulators, crossassemblers, transferprogram Starcommander and the #1 format-converter, Copy64.

There are ftp-archives of c64-demos at

  • Hacktic
  • Gangsta's Paradise (Chromance and Onslaught)
  • The Digital Dungeon (SCS*TRC)
  • Go visit Arnold for games from the older days...

    Use the cbm search-engine to find the c64-related stuff you need.

    The PC-fraction of Bonzai has their own homepage somewhere on the net.

    Visit the great  MJK's C64 Page for almost all links to the C64 groups on the web and the extensive SAL - "C64 Sceners Addy List" with adresses of hundreds of old time sceners.

    All the files to be downloaded from these pages are in zipped PRG, D64 or T64 format. You can run these demos on the PC- or UNIX-platform by getting one of the c64-emulators. The best one for running high-performance demos on PC is CCS64 v1.09, which you can get at Fatal Design. Follow the development of the CCS64 v2.0 beta at Computerbrains Headquarter.

    If you want your c64 link on this page, just mail us!

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