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  • "Lethal Display I" (50kb) The first in the Lethal-series. Programmed by Trap, graphics by Fox who at that time was in Upfront. Music by Johannnes Bjerregaard and others.
  • "Lethal Display II" (57kb) was coded by Trap, again the graphics were made by Fox. All the music was composed by JCH. Released in 1989.
  • "3rd Dimension" (44kb) featured a rotating VU-meter and some of the best design we ever managed. I still consider the three logos as Dize' best work - ever. It even beats the stuff he's doing now! JCH of Vibrants did the fantastic music titled George Carl in the mainpart, and Drax composed the intromusic called Church. Coded by The Human Autofire whose also wrote the scrolltext which was a little "strange". (March/April, 1990)
  • "Bonzieed" (27kb) was programmed by Walt, Trap and I, and had graphics done by Fox. Metal composed the acieed-music.. We did this together in my parent's garage in a long weekend in the summer of 1990. "Bonzieed" was strange demo for its time - no scroll or anything. It was a kind of musicvideo... kind of!
  • "Crackling'n'Cocio" (68kb) is a multipart demo entirely programmed by Walt. Sizzling graphics by Fox and Dize. Crush the cracker did all the crunching and linking. (Won the demo-competition at the Daniax party in Middelfart, summer of 1990)
  • "Vectorscroll" (45kb) was - to my knowledge - the first 64 demo to feature a rotating scroll. All possible dot-positions were precalculated ofcourse, and that took BASIC 2 or 3 hours of "hard" work! But who could tell... The logo was done by Dize and the music was by Metal. This was the last demo from T.H.A. to be released ever... (Fall, 1990 and meant to be included in Lethal Display III)
  • "Lethal Display III" (87kb) was coded by Trap and Walt, music by Metal and Drax, and pixels by Fox. (Fall 1990)
  • "Lethal Display IV" (128kb) had great graphics by Kwon, Dize, Hawk, Delight Design and Walt. Music done by Scortia and Metal, and programming by Kwon, Walt and Ricky. (Participated at Dexion Party, Christmas 1990 - but final bugfree release in spring 1991)
  • "Amiga Works" (90kb) is one of Walts fancies. It's a two-parter with everything (code, pixels and digi-sound) by Walt and that wierdo Auning-friend of his, Clarke.
  • "Amiga Works II" (144kb) is another of those digi-music celebrations Walt just had to do. Still with sampling asistance by that alien, Clarke. The graphics had improved since the predecessor though... Released on 30th May 1991.
  • "Tools" (80kb) is a disk with some of the Bonzai tools. Sledgehammer II by Trap is the best charpacker ever. Picture Converter III and Charset Maker by mr. Converter himself, Walt. The cool IFFL Link v1.0 (with sourcecode) by Crush. The Advanced Notemaker v1.0 (June 1990) by The Human Autofire. And other things...
  • "Nospread" (41kb) is a little collection of some things we didn't want to spread, like a couple of T.H.A.'s little wet dreams and an early version of a part from Amiga Works II demonstrating Walt's "flair" for the English language...
  • "The meeting-report & Trap's Goodbye" (14kb) was programmed by Trap, music by Laxity and graphics was done by Dize. This was done at our cool meeting at Scortia's place, where that wierd dude Janec was initiated as a Bonzai-member. We fucked that poor dude up so badly that he probably still carries mental scars. Great text!
  • "Cockcrusher" (72kb) is a multipart demo with code by Walt, Ricky and Kwon. Graphics by Dize, Kwon and Crush (charset!). Music by Zonix, Scortia and McTech. (Samsų Party, summer 1991)
  • "Hindu-present" (9kb) was a birthday demo to the spiritual leader of the Bonzism-cult - Trap - on the 29th September 1991. Coded by Kwon and with music by Metal.
  • "We are dead" (9kb) done by Kwon. The last thing from Bonzai.... What a lame goodbye! Kwon, what were you thinking of?! Released on 13th January 1992 and thus marked an end of an era.

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