The Black Lords

Click on screenshot to download a file. These are not exactly sorted by date, but we tried as best as we could - remembering nine or ten years back!

  • "Lethal" (11kb) Code and graphics (!) by The Human Autofire. This was done even before I could code a sideways scroller using $D016! Anyway, this is one the smallest demos in the world - later came Lethal II.
  • "Ratbeef with tapesalad and a cool coke" (28kb) coded by Dodge de Man and T.H.A. Both all graphics drawn and a cool part coded by Dize.
  • "Ain't it funky now" (34kb) by T.H.A. and Dize in 1989. Some graphics from the game Sanxion released by Thalamus... This demo introduced the style that would later become the THA+Dize trademark in Bonzai.
  • "Braggin' Dize" (12kb) is a complete demo with both programming and graphics by Dize!
  • "Delicious" (20kb) by T.H.A and Dize...
  • "Get lame like us or hit by a bus" (18kb) coded by Dodge da Man. Finished on 23rd August 1989.
  • "Say it loud - I'm black and I'm proud" (18kb) Dodge da Man and The Human Autofire coded and Dize drew.
  • "Peace" (21kb) with almost none code was nevertheless done by The Human Autofire. Graphics by Dize and the great music from Zamzara by Charles Deenen, and not Jeroen Tel as the scrolltext claims.
  • "Lots of dots" (29kb) T.H.A. and Dize. Released 7th October 1989.
  • "Master Work IV" (41kb) spittet out by Walt.
  • "Lethal II" (22kb) was programmed by The Human Autofire, graphics by Dize, and music by JCH. It was released on 19. Nov 1989.
  • "Master Work V" (37kb) entirely done by Walt.
  • "Dicks and Balls" (41kb) was programmed by The Human Autofire, graphics by Dize, and music by JCH. It participated in the demo-compo at the D.U.T. party in Randers, Christmas 1989, and got placed 4th. This was the party with No. 3 The Larch by Bones, the unreleased Too drunk to fuck by Upfront and Triangles ...
  • "Master Work VI" (39kb) with programming and graphics by Walt. Finished on 22nd January 1990.
  • "Twister" (23kb) was programmed by Walt and is the last TBL demo released just before we entered Bonzai. Walt always had his own "style", which was to improve in Bonzai though!

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