Almost all members of Bonzai went on to "Starion". It was originally an old group from Copenhagen (Zenox, Laxity, etc.) but the old Bonzai took over from where the other guys left. We released the following demos.

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  • "Party Demo" (11kb) was the cool Starion contribution to the democompetition at the Dexion Party, Christmas 1990. Lotte Heise and ass by Disease, plus dick and scroll by Zenox. Help from Excell of Ikari. They didn't win!
  • "Oksen" (108kb) was Walt's goodbye-demo. Coded mainly by Walt, but also Ricky and Crush. This demo features the biggest DYPP ever - programmed by Walt! Done for the democompo at some lame party on Samsø.
  • "Tågekammeret" (121kb) was a co-production with Conic, which simply means that Knox (The artist formerly known as Hawk. Hej Ivan!) did the fabulous graphics. Coded entirely by Ricky and had music by Scortia. Competed in Aars (The Party?), Christmas 1992. The pixelmorph effect in the last part is the pretty amazing looking.

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